• Hi guys,

    I’m developing a mobile app where user will be able to add games. I’m doing some research and came to find this forum. As I had a look around I couldn’t find an answer to my questions so here it goes:

    • Can I use this API to connect to a commercial mobile app?
    • Is there barcode data in the database?

    I’m sorry if these questions have been answered on another post.


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    Hi @juniornz23

    You are free to use our API for any purpost that you wish. All we ask, is that where possible, you take appropriate measures to reduce your load on our server. Some methods are achiveing this are by having a local cache on your device, so that you can minimise the amount of repeat requests needed, or hosting a proxy cache of your own online, to act as a middleman between our service and your endpoints.

    Please be aware that the API is provided “as-is”, without any form of warranty or uptime guarantee (although we do our best to achieve minimum possible downtime).

    There isn’t currently any barcode data in the DB, but it could be something we might look at adding.

    Welcome to the community, we hope your project goes well ;)

    Lead Developer for


  • Hi @flexage

    Thank you for your quick reply!

    I’m still analysing game DBs and checking which would work best so will definitely keep your considerations in check.

    The barcode data would be awesome. From my research no one is doing it at the moment, apart from a mobile app available on the App Store that let you scan 5 games for free, then you have to pay, but they don’t offer API access.

    Anyway, I will keep you posted if we end up using TGDB!

    Thank you for your great work here.

    Cheers from New Zealand

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