My project: Unified game launching platform for PC

  • Just wanted to quickly introduce myself. I’ve been working on a unified game launcher for PC, allowing you to have a single list of installed Steam, Origin, GOG Galaxy, UPlay, and manually installed games that would give you metadata, images, and allow you to launch the game. Until finding this site I’d been trying to scrape what information I could from each service (Steam and GOG Galaxy were decent with an API for Steam and a JSON file in the game install folder for GOG Galaxy), but where UPlay and Origin aren’t quite as friendly I’ve had to search for alternatives.

    I’m planning on reworking most of what I have set up so far to use the api to pull metadata for all games, defaulting to Steam/GOG metadata or manual input if a game is missing from the DB. Really looking forward to making use of this - it’ll be great to have consistent metadata, as well as a much easier way of pulling screenshots and fanart.

    Thanks for making this available!

  • You should look into a way of pushing the missing data back to thegamesdb

  • Definitely like the idea. I’ll have to keep that in mind for V2.

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