Splitting Sega CD / Mega CD and possibly adding Sega CD 32X

  • Hi all ,

    Just wanted your thoughts on adding a new Mega CD platform. The Genesis and Megadrive already have their own platforms so I personally don’t see why this cannot happen here. It’ll allow for the EU and JP ‘Mega CD’ exclusives without clogging up the Sega CD platform.

    Also, we currently don’t have anywhere for the Sega CD 32X games. I know there are only 5 of them but I believe it deserves it’s own platform. What are your thoughts?

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    I actually think it’s better to combine Mega Drive / Genesis since it doesn’t really make much sense to separate them in the first place. Famicom / NES and Super Nintendo / Super Famicom are shared so why Sega somehow is different, I couldn’t really tell ya. Even if its region exclusive titles, they belong to the general systems library, or else you would end up with a lot of seperated small libraries on here.

  • I imagine people wanted the Mega drive / Genesis split because they either grew up with one or the other, depending which side of the Atlantic they lived.

    Currently there are Genesis games with Mega Drive box art and vice versa, they need a good clean up anyway.

  • I was also thinking about this topic some time ago. In my opinion, I would prefer a combined solution of some consoles as well, I really did not understand why Genesis and Mega Drive had their own sections; in most cases only the console names are different, so the hardware is still the same (in case for Sega Genesis and Mega Drive e.g.). I’m not living in the US, but I have no problem with NTSC covers/infos instead of the PAL-types.

    Hardware expansions like the Sega CD or N64DD stuff; I would still classify this as Sega Mega Drive/Genesis or N64, as it was released as some kind of “accessory” (see Wikipedia for Sega CD) for these consoles; consequently the games released for this accessory add-ons belong in the same section, and not their “own”.

    Mobygames for example also list games only once and do not distinguish between Mega Drive & Genesis - all games are listed in a GENESIS section instead of an own GENESIS and an own MEGA DRIVE section. It would get really confusing and there would be dozens of games categorized in their own domain, resulting in a lot of duplicates where people don’t know where to put them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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