Genre : Educational

  • Hi guys !

    Could we add the “Educational” genre please ?
    I am updating the Sega Pico games and there is a lot of games with this genre…

    Thanks !

  • That i dont know how to do. Might need some actual code for the site

  • I will try to make the code and then push it on GitHub ^^

  • I added some code to the site.
    It will add a tab in your admin interface wich will allow you to add game genre.
    I just made the pull request on GitHub.

    I hope it helps ^^

  • Could you make a patch to add deleted games into the dirty list returned by the query?

  • I can try but i’m not sure to understand…
    Witch query ?
    Where is it in the site ? Do you mean you want a “deleted games” tab in the admin interface ?

  • You can use the api to query what games have been updated within a given amount of time so you can update their data, but it doesnt add the ids of games that have been deleted.

    This leaves scrapers without the knowledge that a game has been deleted when they update their mirrors, so they have to rescrape the whole thing, defeating the point of the “updates” api.

  • Thank you, I understand now ^^
    I will try to make it work ;)

  • Is it okay if I add it this way ?

    The entire xml will look like this (download the .xml) :

    Tell me what you thinks guys ^^

  • Hm cant see on my mobile but flexage is the lead dev we’ll have to ask him! I know having this would help my app ALOT

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