Registered twice and still doesn't work

  • Hi there, it’s my first time here and at
    I’ve tried to register myself twice (under “RuFo_ThE_oNe” and “rufotheone”) but I cannot login with one of those two accounts…
    Any ideas ?

    Thanks !

  • I created an account on this forum to report the same issue. I created and account under the same name as here, but whenever I attempt to sign in, I am redirected to the index page, regardless of whether I use a valid username/password.

    EDIT: If a redirect query string is provided to the login screen, the redirect still functions properly. E.g.

  • Seems to be affecting everyone. I already have an account, the login is not validating.

  • I concur - I’ve just registered and the login is apparently ignored. I’m looking forward to submitting some screenshots.

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