Can't Login to main website?

  • Trying to add a game, my password is working for the forums (obviously!) but even with a password reset is not working in the main website.
    Can you have a look into it? :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • I had to create two accounts. One for the main site and one for the forums.

  • Yes. I have two accounts. When I login to the GamesDb site, it logs in (doesn’t say failed password) but I can’t access Edit/Add new game. Like the Log In button is just ‘reload’.
    The Login prompt in the top RHS still stays there, rather than change to user profile options.

    Some database corruption maybe…
    I tried scraping for Ghost in the Shell/Playstation, which exists, but API returns ‘in the hunt’/Playstation.

  • It is impossible to log on to the main page , you always take the start without logging by more than enter username and password

  • The site dev is aware of the issue!

  • Fixed!!!

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