Taito Type X and Arcade PC

  • I noticed that this site does not have a section for Taito Type X / Arcade PC.

    I just finished a complete set of flyers/front covers and wheels (clear logo) for Hyperspin and I wouldn’t mind sharing it here. I’m currently just finalizing all the game descriptions and information.

    How does one add a new platform to the db and what you it be called? Hyperspin actually separated everything into 3 categories. - Arcade PC, Taito Type X and Examu eX-BOARD. I think that’s overkill and would rather just all these games under one single category, especially when Examu eX-BOARD only has 4 games.

    These are arcade games but they are not the same as Mame and should not be under the Arcade Category.

    Let me know how to proceed or if I should just e-mail the whole package to someone.

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