Search Broken when colon exists in title

  • The search treats a colon as part of a word with regards to search but it’s still not possible to search that way.

    Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle (ID: 13050)
    Myst IV: Revelation (ID: 38366)

    For either of the above, partial title searches of “Barrow Hill” or “Myst IV” do not work. In fact, neither does an almost complete “Barrow Hill: Curse of the ancient” A search will go directly to the game page if you type the name exactly as it appears - but this trick does not work when querying the API. You should probably find a way to remove special characters from titles when building the search index. For the two examples above, I’ve added those as alternate titles, but it shouldn’t really be necessary to make search work.

    UPDATE: Alternate titles aren’t used by the search or API, so I’m not sure of the value of me adding them.

    UPDATE 2: Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge does not come up for either searches for “Koala Lumpur” or searches for “Journey to the Edge”

  • I’ve noticed this as well and together they are the source of tons of duplicates!

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