• My name is John, and I’m a developer who loves games. I’m new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I know that I’m going to make some kind of app, potentially to keep track of my collection or something along those lines. I’ll post more here when I have a better idea of what I’m building.

  • Hi John! Welcome to the fold!

    Just remember to not be a resource hog! If youre gonna publish the app, try to mirror or cache the resources yourself, or else you might become a victim of your own success!

    There’s a few of us devs here, one guys got a really neat recommendation engine, and there’s at least two of us with game collector apps (mine’s GAMEYE, the other i know of is my game collection).

    Before you start, you might wanna see what’s already out there so you don’t reinvent the wheel, or at least so you gather an idea on how to make your app unique.

    Good luck!

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