How to contribute to platform images?

  • I’m wanting to contribute to the platform images, specifically the console art. How can I do this?

  • administrators

    Contributions are welcome! You can actually just post the images in here and I will upload them to the correct platforms for you.

  • Okay great, thanks. I’ll start compiling them and submit them here.

  • 8_1482570950917_Texas-Instruments-TI-99-4A.png 7_1482570950916_Sega-Mega-Drive.png 6_1482570950916_Ouya.png 5_1482570950916_Magnavox-Odyssey.png 4_1482570950916_Mac.png 3_1482570950915_iOS.png 2_1482570950915_Handheld-Electronic-Games111.png 1_1482570950915_Dragon_32.png 0_1482570950914_Android.png

    Here are the Console art images.

    Also, I think “Magnavox Odyssey 1” should be renamed to “Magnavox Odyssey”

  • Here’s a better cropped ouya

  • Hi smidley, did you get the chance to add these console arts to the platforms?

  • administrators

    There is a problem here. The images need to each be 300x300 pixels according to the current site rules. However, we should probably change that since that’s a pretty low resolution.

  • Yeah I agree, that’s pretty low.

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