Checkbox for hacks

  • I know that we’re a long way away from explicitly handling things like regions and region specific covers, but in the meantime can we get a checkmark for hacks?

    Some platforms, like NES and SNES are just overloaded with hacks and I’d love to be able to filter them out of my app without having to add this information to the db after the fact.

  • administrators

    We actually don’t allow hacked games to be added, so those games should be reported and then removed.

  • Hey smidley, i have admin privelages so i can delete them myself, but there’s sooooo many.

    I send messages but they dont seem to be seen. One guy in particular has added like 50 just TODAY and is responsible for a majority of the hacks

  • It’d be nice if we had some way of blocking or warning users. It’d also be nice if there was some sort of probationary period for new submitters where we have to approve their subs first for a while.

    So many people add duplicates!!

    It’d also be nice if a deleted game stayed in the db for historical purposes. That way, when someone adds the same misspelled game (ie Duck Tales instead of DuckTales) for the 50th time it doesn’t let them, since the deleted entry already exists.

    What do you think? I delete the same the duplicates over and over and over again

  • administrators

    What user is adding them, I can restrict their account.

  • I’ll keep an eye out, looks like someone already deleted their games

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