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    I’ve been looking through the site from multiple angles and come up with some ideas that could potentially cut down on duplicates, create more order and increase the usefulness for all kinds of collectors and archivists that uses these database. Feel free to add in any suggestions or ideas. I’ve mocked up some images to display my ideas. @flexage @smidley

    1) Alternative names (AKA’s) for Platforms
    One thing we should look into the possibility of adding a field to add in additional names for platforms, much like the games already have implemented. As a way to have a better and more thorough overview of each platform, this would also negate the need of separate region platforms.

    2) Regional boxart
    We have the ability to add different region names for games, but equally beneficial would be the addition of box art for multiple regions. Often the duplicates are due to people adding different region releases with their respective box art, but with the ability to add it into one game entry, it could tidy up the place. There could still be some different region entries if the content is significantly different between the release versions of course.

    3) Game type
    These days, especially with the retro platforms, people are making reproductions and such to compliment their collections, and they use this database to keep track of this. As it is now, entries are all treated equally which results in some out of character entries. However by making a new Type category to the game entries, this could be sorted with ease and the database could support these entries, and further you could also eventually add a Include feature to the site where people can check off whether they want homebrews and whatnot to show up in their searches.

  • Hi guys !

    I think those are really great ideas and I hope we will see them implemented soon ^^
    My favourite one is the first (Platform alias) mainly beacause of the Genesis / Megadrive.

  • Totally agree with duiz, as we were discussing these kind of topics in another thread already.

    What do the devs & admins think about these suggestions? :sunglasses:

  • By the way, what do you guys actually think about adding an option for the FAVOURITE VIEW;

    4.) It would be nice to group the titles and view them in via PLATFORM view, where all favourite N64 titles are grouped and sorted alphabetically, all favourite SNES titles and so on.

    I think this would be useful as currently all favourites go in one section and are sorted by DATE ADDED; it’s kind of a mess, for me it takes forever to find some titles unless i use the built-in browser search function.

  • The platform alias is a great idea :)

  • +1 from me as well

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