Windows Based Rom Collection Indexer / Manager (for RetroPie)

  • I am new to, I have been looking for a windows application to Scrape my collection of Roms, I noticed that the RetroPie Scrape tool is not only slow but will quite often pull down the wrong game details if the rom was mislabeled, resolving unfound roms manually through the RetroPie interface was not efficient ether as I have some 2000 NDS Roms that I want to scrape for use with RetroPie.

    I had a Google before coming here and came up empty handed, I did find one tool called Universal XML Scraper which uses the Screen Scraper DB, I didn’t like this as I could not see what titles were scraped, or the information that was scraped for each rom, this resulted in a large number of rom’s being skipped.

    As I am currently unable to find a tool to do what I need so I am considering developing a Windows App that will:

    • Scan and Index the Folders where my rom collections are held.
    • List the Collection on screen displaying any already Scraped data that has been stored locally.
    • The Scraping will be carried out by selecting each rom individually or by selecting multiple roms (by using ctrl or shift when selecting) to perform batch scraping.

    Finally an advanced search per rom which will allow me to match unmatched roms or correct incorrectly matched roms.

    the Key here is that I am able to see the scraped information and images as it happens.

    Another tool I always crave for is one that would rename my Collection so that all my roms had consistent naming conventions, this becomes a huge task when cue/bin files are thrown in the mix, this is something I am looking at adding using masks so that I can rename roms differently for each collection/system.

    The complete collection can then be exported, in my case for use with RetroPie (Generating the GameList.xml and copying the selected images to the correct folder ready to copy over)

    If something like this already exists could you post the details below so I can have a look.

  • Also looking for something similar for my Gamedb content. All my Series and Movies are properly sorted and indexed on Kodi (Using Media Companion\Ember type apps with TMDB and IMDB)

    I was wondering if Retropie\Recalbox\Rom collection browser etc would benefit from having custom filenames.
    As example: %Title%Year%gamesdb id%platform%.ext

  • Good idea, I was going to add an option to rename the collection but didn’t get as far as looking into renaming options. I am currently finishing the core functionality, Scanning and indexing the existing collection.

  • @Custonian So where can i follow your project? Github\Sourceforge?

  • At the moment there is no Github for this project, when its ready I will post here so you can follow further development of the project.

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