Introduction - Emulation Station Scraping

  • Hi all,

    I have recently joined the retro game scene with Retro-Pie. I am building rom games lists and like many users am running into issues with Steven Selph’s scraper. Steven’s scraper works brilliantly so long as the rom you are scraping has the same hash as in the associated games database entry. If a rom has a different hash it won’t be found. If this occurs more than 5 or so times it’s just not feasible to fix by hand so I am going to play with the API to see if I can work out some methods to fill in the gaps.


  • Hi R4Z0R,

    I just signed up to introduce myself here and also to say almost exactly what you’ve just said!

    I’ve written a command tool in python which goes through any roms missing from the gamelist.xml file and allow the user to go through and manually pick from the search results (or manually enter an ID if that fails). It’s a bit rough around the edges, but I’ve successfully been able to resolve the 60 odd genesis roms which Steven Selph’s (fatastic!) scraping tool couldn’t find the hashes for.

    It’s not on GitHub yet, but I’ll be adding it tonight so I’ll post here again when I have.


  • I added my tool to GitHub here:

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