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    I’m just wondering, as I’ve seen this here quite a bit, and even participated in it myself.

    What’s the correct protocol for adding download-only titles to the database? As there seem to be some games with different download and physical versions, is it better to add them to the corresponding full system (maybe as Title (Service Edition) as an alias, so let’s say “Elite Forces: Unit 77” would have two entries, one with an alias “Elite Forces: Unit 77 (DSiWare Edition)” one without) or to proposition an entirely new system entry?

    Thanks in advance, and good to see Zag here​, too! 😉

    EDIT: Just to clarify, I’m suggesting separate entries for download-only versions of titles with distinct differences, not for every edition or bundle that may ever occur.

  • Right, eventually it’d be nice if they had a checkbox for “digital only” titles.

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