node-webkit Desktop Application

  • Hello guys,

    I’m developing a desktop application for keeping track of games I own and played/finished.

    • It will be a node.js based desktop application to provide maximum UX flexibility with HTML5/JS.
    • I will use node-webkit’s local storage as much as possible to store game info as JSON.
    • If I’m not wrong, node can work with file system., so I’ll also try to cache images locally.
    • I’ll try to mimic the UI/UX of the Desktop App for starting.

    I’ll post the screenshots as I progress. For now there will be these features:

    • Add/Remove Game to archive list.
    • Browse Games by platform, genre, year
    • Search Local Archive
    • Flag Game As Completed
    • View Game Details, including videos, screenshots and all the info exists in thegamesdb.

    I’ll appreciate constructive critics and new ideas. Happy games!

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