X-Men (arcade) link broken?

  • Hello! I recently set up a RetroPie and I’m having trouble linking the X-Men arcade game via the scraper.

    When you search for “X-Men” in the field, the arcade game shows up in the drop down suggestions. But when you click on it (http://thegamesdb.net/game/42006) it says the game is not found. Any idea of what’s going on with it?

  • moderators

    Shouldn’t cause issues now, looks like it was incompletely removed.

  • Thanks for the speedy response. Is there a reason it was removed? I don’t want to re-add it if it was removed for a specific reason.

    EDIT: I have found it located at http://thegamesdb.net/game/10681/

  • moderators

    Sorry about that, the title change can be fairly obnoxious, but we do tend to side with the commonly accepted spelling of a series. I’ve corrected the two unique entries to X-Men and merged over the duplicate listing.

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