Why some new games entries are deleted?

  • I was working on the Megaman X4 and X5 entries then these were deleted, any reason for this?


  • Probably because they were already entered as Mega Man X (i.e., you were adding duplicates)

  • Yeah, I didn’t expect the name to have that space in the middle of the name, but I wonder why the search functionality didn’t show the result if the right name was present in the alternative names section? it seems like the alternative names are being ignored somehow

  • moderators

    Not sure about the full explanation, but alternatives search isn’t currently working (it isn’t searchable at the present time, though we’re experimenting with some search fields, so it may be back in the near future). In the meantime, NTSC releases should be standardised on the NTSC franchise spelling where applicable, so Mega Man rather than Megaman or Rockman (Super Mario Bros. for the first three titles rather than Super Mario or SMB).

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