Adding japanese games

  • Hi !
    I would like to add some missings japanese game (like captain tsubasa and various Gundam games on gamecube).
    I understand that if a game also exist in english then then english game is the main one and the japanese title is then an alternate title.

    What I don’t understand is this (from the page where you add games) :
    “DO NOT put non english information into english fields. If a game is published in another language, and is never translated from that language into english, we still do not want non-english information in the english fields.”

    I am little confused about this. Take an example : Capten Tsubasa Ougon Sedai no Chousen (I added it this morning).
    The game was only released in Japan. So I put is name (in Romanji, not in japanese characters) into the main title field.
    Is it alright ? If not what should I do ?

    Thanks a lot guys, and keep up the good work I like what you are trying to build here ;)

  • moderators

    Add the games with Romaji translated names, and edit the game and add a new field with the Japanese kanji spelling as an alternative name.

    Try not to add games without descriptions, spend some time on each submission rather than just adding name and box art and moving on to the next.

  • @Ilikebunny said:
    No problem, I just did this one quickly to understand how adding japanese game works.;)

    What do you mean “Romaji translated names” ?
    Is it (in my example) :Captain Tsubasa Ougon Sedai no Chousen
    or : Captain Tsubasa Gold Generation’s Challenge (not an official english translation, i did this one myself).?

  • moderators

    Captain Tsubasa Ougon Sedai no Chousen would be the romaji, yes. You can add the english translated title as an alternative though.

  • Good idea ;)
    Thanks anyway, now it is crystal clear.
    I’m gonna edit this game like it should.

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