Deleted Entries?

  • Hey, hey, hey. New user here. :panda_face: For deleted entries, what can be done to correct the issue? World Cup Soccer, also known as Great Soccer in the US, for the Sega Master System is a completely different game than Great Soccer.

    World Cup Soccer lets you choose between 8 different countries and has a side-to-side view (players moving left to right). There’s also a penalty kick contest mode. However, Great Soccer only has a 3 difficulty settings and a top-down view.

    World Cup Soccer

    Great Soccer

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    Ah yep, I probably got a bit overzealous with duplicates removal, as they do appear to be separate games that just coincidentally have the same title.

    That being the case, anyone should feel free to add World Soccer, at this time.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Okay. I’ve added the entry again.

    Just a few more questions.

    For the release year, what do you guys usually pick if it’s been published in other countries (US, UK, FR, AU, etc.) at different times? earliest date?

    What about for games that just have a year and not the exact month/day?

    Also, the front cover for Great Soccer was set to World Soccer. I’ve uploaded the correct artwork but it’s a smaller sized picture. I can’t find good quality 2D Sega Master covers.

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    My understanding is that international priority is NTSC / NTSC-J / PAL for non-exclusives, using the earliest date from the relevant region (North America / Japan / Eurozone / ROW).

    In the case of dates, I’ve been using 01/01/19xx for placeholders.
    That said, between IGN / GameFAQs / NintendoAge / SegaRetro / Wikipedia it should usually be possible to at least find a release month.

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