Protoypes, Demos and Unrealeased games

  • Protoypes, Demos or Unrealeased games are allowed?

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    My understanding is that Prototypes and Demos are effectively duplicated by the full release, so they’re not currently supported; however, as Unreleased titles never had a full release, there’s an argument for their inclusion, as they clearly existed.

  • Leo you are on top of it! Love it

  • @LeoPride I am not sure, but maybe there’s some cases that should be verified.
    Maybe we should write (in the wiki) some rules for including new games, to make the databease as consistent as possible. What do you think about it?

    Here’s some examples that should be verified (Databases from websites like ( and TOSEC ( these games valid entries)

    For example:

    1. Space Pinball for Virtual Boy . This game was a Prototype of the final game “Galatic Pinbal” but they are completly different:

    "While the title screen looks a bit different with the different game logo, the following stage select screen has barely been changed for “Galactic Pinball”, “there are also five options which can be selected by rotating them. Instead of 4 tables and the highscores there are 5 tables in this prototype, though, and here at latest, it is becoming very interesting.”


    2)Bound High for Virtual Boy. This game was not released, but it was rated by ERSB, which means that it probably was a full game (I am almost sure that only full games are rated by ERSB)


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