Search function does not find game "1942"

  • Hi,

    I’ve noticed that the search function on the website, and the API call GetGamesList, do not find the game “1942” (well-known world war 2 shmup). When I use an API call like “GetGame.php?name=1942” instead, I get the correct results.

    I would assume that this is a bug in the search heuristics, e.g. so that it ignores numbers or all-number search strings?

  • moderators

    Odd behaviour if intentional.
    At any rate, I rounded up the entries already present.
    Manual scrapings on the latest RetroPie can pull info from id: followed by the ID below.

    Amstrad CPC: 18642
    Arcade: 202
    Commodore 64: 6434
    NES: 4178
    Nintendo Game Boy Color: 21872
    Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 18641

    Hope this helps!

  • I appreciate the effort, but I was hoping for a fix. Should I post/send bug reports somewhere else?

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