Gamers Database - New Android app developed using TheGamesDB data. Explore, Browse and Track your games!

  • First of all thank you TheGamesDB for providing such a rich database of games and the API to query it all. I couldn’t have done this with you guys!

    I’ve spent a lot of my free time over the past few months working on this app. I’ve downloaded all of the data from here and compiled it into an Android app - Gamers Database.

    Use the app to browse all the game/platform data and also to track the games you’ve owned and played. It’s an ongoing project, but the bulk of the app is complete. I’ll be fleshing out additional features as time goes on.

    Thanks again and I hope somebody here finds the app useful!

  • What do you plan to do differently than the other apps out there that already use tgdb for the same purpose?

  • Well I haven’t been able to find any released apps that use tgdb. The few game database/tracking apps that are popular on the Google Play Store have the following issues:

    1. no where near as large of a database as TGDB (the biggest I saw was around 22,000 games)
    2. a terrible UI and user experience
    3. only focus on providing a database OR tracking games you own, not both

    So I plan to improve on all those points.

    If you have any experience with other apps that you think already do a good job, please let me know. Thanks!

  • Maybe I’m mistaken, did you not contact GAMEYE asking about your store listing the other day?

    Either way, in the projects thread you can find them all.

  • GE is fully integrated with tgdb and uses the same line of “encyclopedia of games” and “explore gaming history”. Can’t speak for the UI.

  • Today is the first time I’m hearing about Gameye. Just checked it out. Looks like a pretty complete project of what my end goals were. Wish I had noticed it sooner. Bummer!

  • It’s still a nice app. But how did you not come across it? Did you google thegamesdb collection app?

    The only advice I would give is not to bill the app as the imdb of games. That’s what tgdb is! Customers might think it’s dishonest.

  • @StainlessStlRat most of my research was through the play store. Never saw it there. A few Google searches didn’t turn up anything quality either. Somehow missed the post on this forum. Thanks though. I’ll keep up the dev and see if I can’t fill a different use case.

  • Weird. I wonder who contacted me yesterday about a new play store listing with some NES games getting flagged. Looks like there is another coming!

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