Hello everyone, I'm a new developper from switzerland

  • Hello everyone, my name is Matt and I’m from Bern in switzerland.

    I just started developping a new application (desktop and mobile) to organize my own connection of retro video games. I will do it using Java/Gluon and I plan on using (if possible) thegamedb’s api to easy the data insertion.

    I’ve checked the current version, it perfectly suits this requirement!
    Have you been planning a update to the api ?
    Do you have any plan to add barcodes as a search option ?

    Thank you very much,

  • Isn’t gluon a kind of expensive solution? And I ask this everytime, but what is going to differentiate your collection app from the other collection apps?

  • @StainlessStlRat Hi, that’s a very good question.

    First I will use gluon frontend library, not the cloud part so there is no cost for it.

    The application I’m doing is quite different in the approach from the existing ones.
    It will be a private collection management tool, designed to be hosted for one collector specifically (typically on a home NAS). It will not be could based, the database will be hosted locally, along with the server services.
    Also the client application will be both available for desktop and mobile (that’s why I decided to use gluon) and will connect to the server via rest services.

    I found other open source tools that allow making a catalog of a collection but they are very generic. Here I what to be specific to videogames hardware and software, with a dedicated simple and efficient datamodel.

    My usage of thegamedb is to ease the data insertion on the client side (typically on the desktop app, the mobile will be more used for consulting the data).

    I’m developing it in the first place for my own needs but once it’s stable I will put all the source code from the different modules on GitHub.

  • Good answers and good luck!

  • Thanks :)

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