I'm new to this awesome site! I have a question!

  • Hello Everyone!
    I just stumbled across this site from the “scraping” tool when using retropie and I find this site incredible!
    I would like to help contribute as much as I can with rating games and such.
    My question is, Is it OK for me to comment on the games where I have created a gaming video to demonstrate the game-play?
    Me and my wife have started a YouTube channel where we are going to play all the NorthAmerican released NES games!
    Let me know if there is anything against me doing this and if your interested in my channel let me know, ill send you the link!

  • Unfortunately right now there is only the “trailer” section. I dont think it would be ok to add it to the overview, but maybe theyll add a new URL section!

  • moderators

    Actually, I don’t see the harm in overviews where trailers don’t exist or have been lost to time. It’s not an ideal situation, but it’s not really right to cut off classic games, either.

  • Hey guys,
    You are saying the “trailer” section, and the overview sections.
    I believe the scraping function takes the overview text and puts in into the gaming system.
    Maybe that would be good for my channel, but it seems kind of spammy.
    I was talking about the comment section at the very bottom of the pages.
    Take a look at Air Fortress for NES and you will see my comment at the bottom of the page.

  • I took another look at the trailer section.
    I really like being able to put a video in there.
    So this is acceptable for me to put my video here?
    Is there any reasons why I cannot do this?
    I added my video to the game Air Fortress for NES.
    Please let me know if I am allowed to do this. It would be very exciting for me to do so!

  • I would suggest that this be thought out more clearly. I do not believe that overviews should be submitted to the trailers section (or overview section) because 1) the trailers might exist, we just haven’t found them, 2) then you can’t ask users to fill in the records with missing urls and the list could go on. It is MUCH more difficult to have incorrect information corrected than it is to request that it be correctly filled in in the first place.

    If anything, I would suggest a new field being added that can handle that kind of information explicitly.

  • Fair enough. I have removed the video from the Air Fortress game.
    I think i will just stick to adding the video to the comments section at the bottom!

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