API GetGame Service Unavailable

  • Hi

    I’m trying use GetGame api but always have que “Service Unavailable” page.


    Am I doing something wrong?


  • Hello,

    I’m also having the same issue and I believe it’s being worked on, few hours ago the website was offline, it went online but API seems to be offline for most functions. The only one that I know works fine is GetGameList right now.
    Hopefully it is fixed asap (I’m using it in one of my projects and I’m now stuck).

  • Thanks for the reply!

    let’s wait for the adjustments.

  • Hello,
    Has anyone heard anything? I’m trying to use EmulationStation to scrape some games but none of the games are coming up with matches. Does the web developer know that the service is offline?

    Thank you.

  • Hello,
    I’ll be honest, I have no idea if they are aware, it’s been few days already. Hopefully they are and it’s getting worked on !

    EDIT : I found a way to talk directly to the staff members, sent them a message, hopefully they read it soon.

  • Thanks for doing that. Patiently waiting here too.

  • It’s working!! Thank you!

  • Thanks to the team !

  • thanks for getting this fixed - however - new games (uploaded in the last few days) entered on the database are not showing up when scraped via retropie ? ive just added some games to the database and they are not showing up?

  • Still messed up for new games

  • yes - just checked again - newly added games cant be scraped?

  • administrators

    Hey all, sorry for the inconvenience. The API was down because we were doing upgrades. I’m looking into the new game API issue now.

  • thanks! looking forward to the fix - thanks for all your work!

  • @smidley thanks!!! 😁

  • any updates? still cant scrape recently added games.

  • Do we have an idea of what’s wrong yet?

  • moderators

    This is a desync issue between the API and site database stemming from the recent site outage and performance tweaks.  We are aware of the problem, it’s just going to take some time to wholly address it.  Please bear with us in the meantime, and we’ll keep you updated when this problem is resolved.

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