Too primative

  • I have not contributed for a long time, amongst others because I got frustrated by how primitive the system was, and the extreme sluggishness back then.

    I decided to have a look again. The good news is that it seems the performance is fixed. The bad, that nothing else seems to have changed.

    • You still cannot find a game under an alternate title.
    • Games are still linked together simply based on the name, which causes totally different games on different platforms to get linked that have no relation to each other, other then sharing a name.
    • The system still refuses PNG files. Fine, if you don’t want PNG then convert them to JPG on-the-fly. Don’t throw it back at the user.
    • No way to set a ported-by

  • administrators

    Hi Rob72, I’m glad you decided to have a look again. I’m an infrastructure guy, not a coder. I have the ability to improve performance of the site, but not much else. I am in desperate need of additional developers for this site. Nobody wants to contribute code except Flexage, and his time is very limited. If you know anyone that can help make this site better, please direct them to the github page. Thanks!

  • Hi smidley,

    Sorry, I understand now you have limited resources. I have not done real coding in more then a decade (other then the occasional fix or some small scripts), so I am not going to be able to help you with that.

    This is also an interesting issue, I put developer as “Data West”, and I get a logo picture for “Data East” instead.

  • Smidley there are already some pull requests of some things people have tried to fix. Merging them in would encourage those developers to contribute more!

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