SCUMM VM platform

  • Is it possible to add a new platform for SCUMM VM?

    Here is a list of games I want to start adding for it:

  • Scumm vm is just an emulator right? Those games would mostly fall under pc

  • @StainlessStlRat Yeah, thats true. When I use Retropie/EmulationStation though, none of the games scrape at all though. I thought it was an issue because there wasn’t a scumm vm platform.

  • I jut scraped all of mine individually using this method -
    go in to the SCUMMVM section - highlight a game - press SELECT - select EDIT THIS GAMES METADATA - select SCRAPE - you should see your game box art etc. - then SAVE.

    If your box art doesn’t show up then go back and change the name of the game rom to exactly as you see it in the games DB

  • @retrodarren I tried that with 3 of my games and none of them would scrape. I’ve confirmed they all had PC records in The Games DB too.

    Hugo 1: House of Horrors
    Hugo 2: Whodunnit?
    Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom

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