adding any new games they get deleted

  • recently had a problem with a few sonic roms admittedly one of them was on Genesis and i had created a mega drive version as well this was due to the Retropie not searching both categorys making the game unfindable but Metal Sonic Hyperdrive for example was not on hear at all added it full box art and details and deleted like right away same with sonic classic hero’s and sonic 3 complete (i know regular s3 is on hear)

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    Yes, hacks are not currently allowed.

  • ok fair enough totally my fault then i guess :P will make sure its only official releases id seen other rom hacks but i guess they are just fluke chance and go unnoticed thanks again :)

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    Actually, I’d appreciate the heads-up on those. We are discussing potentially allowing mods and such in the future, it’s simply that the current site isn’t well-equipped to keep those separate from actual published titles (they don’t have to be licensed, but they do have to have been offered for sale as their own titles at some time).

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