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  • I discovered this site recently through Gameye and so far it’s really good. I’ve already added a bunch of entries and was wondering if it would be possible to add other age rating systems like PEGI or CERO at some point.

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    It’s definitely under consideration. If we can figure out a coherent country-page layout that doesn’t lend itself to unnecessary duplication or overcomplication, it’d at least be theoretically possible to implement separate fields for per-country ratings / boxart / etc.

    The only real issue right now would be image storage; a good measure for Big3 (USA, JPN, EUR) storage would be 3 times our current “USA if available, host nation otherwise” policy, and we may or may not have that space after the rewrite (we certainly don’t at the current time). This was part of the reason for the original hardline against Limited Editions - this may be better served by implementing Edition entries as a subpage of full game entries, which could carry unique identifers without the requisite overhead of unnecessary (and usually redundant) artwork.

  • I think we’re asking for more complications than it’s worth to have an individual id represent so many different possibilities. I also disagree about the limited editions artwork being redundant; it usually contains a far wider shot of the game with all the little goodies, different artwork, and sometimes even being a completely different material (i.e., steel box).

    If we really want to solve this problem we should just look at the some of the other well fleshed out sites. For example, VGCollect. It just simply keeps different pages for different systems regions. So for example, there is a NES US page, NES EU page, and so on.

    This fits the current model so much better. An individual id will get you the details of a game and duplicates can be monitored on a per region basis.

    Even if this is not decided to be the ultimate solution, I think your asking for more headaches if you simply are pushing the details down a layer. If you do that, the model will go from id -> details to id -> region -> details. You might as well just have every single field be on a per region basis.

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