Small College Project (a Website)

  • Hello there.

    I was wondering if it was possible for me to use the GamesDB API in a school project. The idea of it is that it is a website similar to Letterboxd but applied to video games. Of course, this isn’t a new idea but it’s just a school project in any case.

    According to the wiki I should post here and present myself and the project so here it is (as bare bones as it is right now).

    I would appreciate it if someone is able to help me get the API.

  • moderators

    The current API is open to all, though we’re unlikely to charge educational projects even when this changes in the future.

    The best place to start is right here:

    Have fun, and we look forward to seeing what you do with the data! :smile:

  • There are plans to charge in the future?

  • moderators

    I wouldn’t expect to charge legacy partners or legit non-profit / educational usage, but I feel it’s only fair to at least have API fees on the table for significant commercial usage. I would expect them to be negligible, covering increased traffic or mirror setup.

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