Games not found during scrape

  • Hi

    There are games which the API does not find, I have read that this is due to limitations of the SQL database. I am not a programmer so I am unable to comment on this. However it seems to me that every game entry is given a unique ID, that being the case is there any reason why the API could not be enabled to take advantage of this unique ID and allow a user to enter the unique ID of the database entry in the event that the search fails due to the problems with titles such as:

    Ms. Pac-Man <-- Atari 7800

    When looking in the site this game seems to have a unique ID of 21052

    If that is the case then surely the answer is to allow users to search via their browser, locate the game and then enter this ID as an alternative to the original title of the game?

    As previously stated I am not a programmer and this could pose problems within the API but it seems the most obvious answer to a layman.



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