Way to add lots of games via upload (not 1 by 1)

  • I have data for about 2000 Apple II games that do not (yet) exist here. How can I load that data or have the data loaded without having to add each game one by one? I have basic game data, game snaps, and title snaps (and a wheel of sorts) but I do not have boxart (yet).

    (Searched forum but didn’t find an answer, apologies if it exists, I am new and eager to help out the community. I’m using the API to update data for many other platforms for my emulators on pc/retripie setup. great stuff!)

  • If you want to give me some time, I am working on the RetroPie Web Console (currently in Beta).

    Through the Games section, you will be able to manually update data for each game, scraper, or publish to thegamesdb.

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  • That’s great! I was wonder if there was a reverse API to submit gamelist.xml or something to that effect. That would be cool … of course, it would have to be checked, I assume, but I could add thousands to the Apple II platform games. Thanks for responding.

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