Suggestion: Short overview text in addition to description text

  • Hi!

    When scraping game info for front-ends, there is one thing that have been bugging me for years - and that is the written text accompanying games. There seems to be no general agreement on how long they are and what they contain. Some games (look at the Amiga version of Another World) have long descriptions that reads like a small wikipedia articles, others short and catchy sentences that are more like advertisements for the game.

    While a website could benefit from a longer description, I think a front-end like RetroPie or Hyperspin are better served with fewer sentences that spark curiosity. Some movie databases have multiple options in there database, for example IMDB has a one sentence “Tagline”, a very short “Plot Summary” and a short “Synopsis” for each film. Is that something you could consider for your database? Being one of the most popular databases for scraping, it would be great if you could lead the way on this!

    If this is something you could consider, my suggestion would be to leave the description as it is, but add an overview text or even game cover text (those tend to be really good) that has a 100-200 letter limit.

    (If you look at the C64 entry for Sanxion, I’ve edited the text so that the first paragraph is the short text from the back of the cover, and the second paragraph is the original description that was in the database. The first works so much better for a front end!)


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