Is TGDB still being actively developed?

  • Looking to choose a db for my scraper and wondering how active tgdb is? Great work btw collating all this game media.

  • moderators

    Yes and no.
    Yes, we are currently experimenting with some improvements in an offline setting.
    No, the site is currently considered stable enough, and those changes may not be pushed for a while yet, and are primarily aesthetic.

  • Thanks for the reply, Leo. And the database? Is it complete?

  • moderators

    It’s by no means exhaustive, but then there’s no way it can be, given the regular release of new titles (and discovery of older titles possibly from outside the Big 3 regions of USA/JPN/EUR). As far as currently known titles are concerned, those are relatively stable.

  • Nice one. As long as they can tally with various lists and standards (nointro, goodxxx, hyperspin.xml) etc - all should be good ;)

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