Does this "PC Game Description" ring a bell?

  • Hi, I have been searching for a specific pc game, if any games ring a bell please share them with me! Here goes nothing; The game is a multi vehichle shooter with a locked camera and birds eye view, with primarily a “car” and on one level i know of a boat, it was very boss oriented, a new “boss” every level usually mechanical machines, im pretty sure the title was 3 period seperated initials for example S.A.S** and if i remember correctly it may have had an s or a possibly both in the title. A few details about the game might help, there were distinct enemies that were red with a sound that came running to bomb you I called them kamikazee indians but idk… also one of the bosses was like a giant mechanical wall that would shoot and spawn thAnother boss was like a giant robotic crab on the boat level, anyways I dont know who published the game or the name but it is not a very new game I dont see it being past 2010 I bought it for 15.00 at a big lots I believe when i was a very young like 7 or 8 … Hope you can help me find it! Thanks for your time…ings and step forward and back alot with its weak points being red ball like things,

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    Do any of these sound familiar?

    It almost sounds like a SpyHunter clone, and I know a few were making the rounds at the time. I want to say SOS, but neither of those seems to be what you’re looking for.

  • @LeoPride I appreciate the effort but no, the crab was only in the boat level and im pretty sure the game wasnt comparable to those popularity standards, all though im not sure how popular it was.

  • @LeoPride Oh my god I actually found it scrolling randomly through a game database with a search the game is Assault Heroes! Thanks for your help im so excited!

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