Consolidate games with multiple platforms

  • It seems a bit clunky to have a completely different page for each platform that a game is on. Instead I would suggest that all of the ports of a game be consolidated into a single page and make the “more platforms” section more prominent instead of hidden behind a tab at the bottom.

    You could list all of the additional platforms either in the empty space where the specs (genre, release date, developer, etc) are or directly underneath of the box art buttons. These could be clickable and doing so would update the box art, release date, and any other relevant information to reflect the platform that you’ve chosen. Ideally without forcing a page refresh.

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    I think as a database and for the sake of complete library listings, games can be separated between platforms. There can be differences in artwork, content etc.

    I am more interested in getting regions consolidated so that there is a button to change between regions rather than having seperate entries per region.

  • Absolutely. I wasn’t suggesting that we only keep one version of a multiplatform game and discard the others.

    I was just saying that it would be nice to have all of the other platforms more prominently listed on the page and to change between box arts and stats when you click the name of each platform.

    One of the problems I’m seeing right now is that if there’s any small variance in the title then they aren’t linked in the other platforms tab. If all of the platforms for a game were consolidated to a single page then you could just add an entry similar to genres where you just tick off a box for each platform that the game was released on. Then on the edit page there could be tabs where you choose which platform to update box art, release dates, publishers, etc.

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