Cache Issues (Image Deletion, Cover & Logo Updates)

  • Hi guys!

    I don’t know if someone of the devs is already aware of this, but image upload after image deletion is kind of broken. Some users already sent us some information of these bugs via image reports; I tried it out myself and after I confirmed deletion of several low quality screenshots & wallpapers, I reuploaded high quality screens. After the upload, the old low quality images were still shown (also when you click to view the picture in full-size), so i guess this is a problem with the actual media cache?

    And there is a similar problem with covers; see Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (PC) - the front cover is already different and is shown correctly when you view it in full-size, but the preview on the game info screen is not shown correctly (wrong & old cover).

    I guess I’ll redirect this to @flexage & @smidley , maybe they have a clue about this. :smile:

  • I was just about to ask about image deletion. How do you do it? Wouldn’t there need to be some discussion?

  • Normally users will report the images for different reasons (bad quality, low pixel format, incorrect platform or game etc.).

    Image Mods got a moderation queue were every report is lined up and awaits moderation. Then we check that line, and decide if removal will be approved or not.

    So basically, there is no discussion for every image/screen/logo. We try to evaluate with good conscience and to be as objective as we can.

  • What if the reasons are less clear. Say, if I uploaded some good fan art, would it be okay to request deletion of other, more generic images to prevent ‘bloat’?

  • Fanart is somewhat special, because I think there is

    A.) no limit regarding the number of fanart uploads (e.g. In the screenshot sections only 8 uploads are allowed)


    B.) aside from screenshots uploaded mistakenly in the fanart section, we have nearly no fanart reports because fanart images are mostly of excellent quality.

    Of course it is okay to request deletion, but in this case (Fanart) it won’t be likely to happen; image guidelines on this site do not mention what the maximum of fanart uploads should be.

    But in general, if the reasons are less clear and we should discuss this (for example if you want to upload new screenshots with much better quality) you can write a message to me or some other image mod or post it in the forums. :sunglasses:

    Are there some issues currently for certain games?

  • Thanks for the clear answer. There are no real issues, but I wanted to add some concept and fan art to the Fallout: New Vegas page and replace some existing images with ones of better quality. But I thought having about 15 fan art images might be a bit too much.

    There is a double image, the one with the NCR Ranger and the flag, and one of the two is smaller.

    Sorry for hijacking your thread btw ;)

  • Ah allright, I see. I removed the duplicate.

    Having 15 fanart images is fine I think, some even have more (e.g. some N64 Zelda titles got like 20 uploads or so). If you got some fanart pictures for exchange (with better quality), upload them and report the other one with an additional comment (Uploaded one with better quality or so). We will check and eventually delete the other one.

    No problem, questions need to be answered :grinning:

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