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  • I work on the RetroPie project and the scrapers we use treat the Megadrive and Genesis as separate platforms (as their box art are completely different) Is there a way so that if megadrive is queried it will return back results for the genesis platform?

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    There is currently a plan for a database merge regarding Genesis & Mega Drive; of course, at the moment, databases are still seperated but probably you won’t have to write a seperate query in the near future ;)

  • But since we have separate themes, the platforms are coded for each system, so there needs to be an alias of sorts to account for platforms that have been merged. So if the theme has the megadrive platform and there is only the genesis platform on thegamesdb, thegamesdb should account for the megadrive query and return the results of the genesis platform- are you saying that’s how it will be once they are merged? (This should also be the case for mega cd vs segacd, videopac/odyssey2, super famicom/snes among others.)

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    If you work on the RetroPie project, try to set the scraper for MD to search in the Genesis directory.

    Nearly all systems had different thematics to their box design and naming scheme from region to region, be it the NES and Famicom, Super Nintendo and Super Famicom, the black box design of N64 in Europe and so on. So we are merging Genesis and Mega Drive to not double up on entries creating more symmetry to the database.

  • I’m aware of that, but I’m thinking about it more fundamentally, but I suppose thegamesdb is more concerned about one entry per game rather than as a theming database, and that’s fine, we can work with that. I just anticipate users complaining that the boxart doesnt match the platform they grew up with (where is my genesis artwork etc etc.) Perhaps for a compromise there could be alternate region/platform boxart so that as far as the database is concerned there is only one game for the same hardware but options to choose the regional/platform variation artwork. Idk, just some ideas.

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    We have suggested and are looking into a region selection per entry.

    Hopefully something like this would make it able to set devices to download the proper region rather than have each platform separated by region.

  • Apologies for not checking the forum fully before posting, I can definitely agree with the suggestions on the post you linked. It has my vote :)


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    No problem :)

    Keep on posting ideas and suggestion and help keep GamesDB grow!

  • I saw that the Mega Drive platform is no longer present and is with a warning that will be merged with that of Genesis. I wonder if it will be done by you or by users, and how will the organization,there will be a separation to determine the platform?

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    We are currently moving over the Mega Drive titles that aren’t in the Genesis listing. Thank you

    Genesis and Mega Drive is the same platform like Famicom / NES and so on. Eventually there’ll be something in place to differentiate between regions and whatnot.

  • Note: Sorry my bad English but I am Brazilian and I am using google translator.

    I am currently updating all low quality or wrong pictures and I am also going up the Logos and back covers missing the Sega Genesis and practically is almost finished. Then I would start checking the Mega Drive, but now with this change I want to take a doubt:
    I can go packing anyway or wait the full transfer?

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