Getting Involved

  • So after discovering this website, I really wanted to become involved and update the database. But after checking the wiki, I found it to be… lacking.

    Filling out games isn’t hard, I’ve done a couple already, but it would be nice to know the process of how it goes through. This leads me to some questions that I couldn’t find.

    Do any additions or changes go through mod approval?
    Can we add ROM Hacks/Unofficial games?
    Would it be possible to “lock” the games whose information is complete to prevent malicious change?

    Hopefully I get some feedback because I’d really like to help out with this community.

  • moderators

    Most changes get run through mods, like deletion, image submission etc.

    Hacks / Unofficials I think come down to quality of the hack and reproduction status. Ideally we are looking at having a system in store where we can tag games as official / hacks / fan translations / pirates and such in the future. People buy these games on cartridges these days and so they do warrant some sort of archiving and organizing.

    A lock feature would be great, but I rather see that we minimize the amount of hit and run submission and require a minimum amount of characters and disable the ability of saving fields empty.

    New features and requests to the database should be sent to @smidley and @flexage

    Thanks for your support and efforts!

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