Desperately needed features

  • Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    As the database matures, I think it’s time we begin thinking seriously about some features. If we don’t take the time to fix these things now, it’ll be much more difficult to fix later.

    1. I know this is talked about extensively, but we need explicit region marking (i.e., this game only came out in Japan and Europe, and here is the Japanese cover art)

    2. Finalization. The older platforms should reach a point where the individual games can be locked, as in no more modification without mod approval on any item. Title, date released, number of players, etc…

    3. To reach finalization quicker on those platforms, we should be parsing a known list of games for each platform (since most platforms full lists for any given region are known, i.e., the full NES set, the full LYNX set) and prepopulate those remaining games so that there is no need to have an “add game” functionality for those platforms and pray that the user realizes they are adding a duplicate.

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