MedGui Reborn

  • Hello!
    I’m Speedvicio, the developer of MedGui Reborn a frontend for Mednafen emulator.
    I implemented the scrape of the information of the games and the covers in my frontend, I wanted to inform you prior to publication but the forum was unusable for a long time.
    There is still some bugs being scrape, to get the name of clean Roms the frontend uses the database of the No-Intro group, and unfortunately often these names do not match those used by TheGamesDB, I also tried to make some corrections and checks on these to show more results possible.
    I hope to resolve in the future as in some way.

    Anyway, I’m happy to be part of this community :D

  • administrators

    Hey Speedvicio,
    Welcome to the community.

    Your project sounds awesome, please feel free to post updates here so that the rest of the community can stay informed.

    Our current API is slightly antiquated now, and not really up to modern standards, hopefully we can take steps to rectify this in the coming months.


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