Sega Mega Drive vs Sega Genesis

  • Today I’ve switched the Sega Mega Drive status from “Please Delete - Merged with Genesis” to “Do not delete!” simply because in europe, this was the true console, not the Genesis. Nowadays, a game can be different according to zones such as AU, NTSC, PAL, JP, and so on, but the console will remain the same (even if something inside the software or hardware of the console is not). A Playstation 4 will be a Playstation 4 everywhere.

    Merging Sega Mega Drive with Sega Genesis will create a lot of errors, confusions and incongruences to european users:

    First of all because for most of European gamers or at least a lot of European countries there was only the Mega Drive, and a search for any game that ends with “Sega Genesis”, will make the user think the game is no available for the Mega Drive. Second, because games are actually different. It’s not just the same cover with the words on the corner “PAL” or “NTSC”, they are actually different.

    I go to a website saying they sell Sonic for Sega Genesis and then I get a Sonic for Mega Drive. Bad. I go and buy a Sonic for Sega Genesis, but I have a Mega Drive… but there are no options for a version of that game for Mega Drive… bad.

    Sonic for Sega Genesis
    Sonic for Sega Mega Drive

    For that reason I am asking to keep the Sega Mega Drive platform on the list and add games to that platform as independent games, with different info, release dates, covers and so on… A complete database should have this differences to be able to get the “complete” status.

    Thanks and any comments or opinions are welcome.

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    It’s not a very good arguement since all consoles have regional differences as strong as you say Mega Drive vs Genesis had.

    Turbografx-16 and PC Engine are treated the same, but packages, games and console was different. Super Famicom was different in cart design and package design from SNES. List goes on. For every arguement you made based on your past with the Mega Drive, someone could come in here and make for the NES Mattel version, which could not play NES PAL games. Or Dendy, the Russian offshoot of the NES.

    The database is meant to collect games in order and proper structure. Instead of seperating games into platforms by region, its better to request and push for proper regional information and seperation in the platform listings, for example enabling a US/EUR/JAP button on each game listing that allows for all different packaging and information to be properly inputed.

    The way it is now, Mega Drive just sticks out as a sore thumb, and breaks up the uniform listing all the other consoles enjoy.

  • Well, it’s first version was in Japan, where it was called something like Mega Doraibu. Should we go with that one, for the sake of your argument? I understand your point, but for someone who wants to trade/buy/sell games from Sega MEGA DRIVE and not Sega GENESIS, I find it extremely useful to have both stated as different platforms…

    This could be solved by adding options to the games where you could pick the platform and version of the game? Who knows…

  • So what’s the consensus? We really need a way to handle regional info. I don’t think multiple systems per region per old console is the right way to go.

    It is really sticking out like a sore thumb. I have to set my scrapers to ignore the platform.

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