Update API doesn't mark deleted games!!!!

  • This is awful. The update API only allows coherence between a copy in very strict circumstances. The arbitrary 1000 game limit breaks coherence silently, but on top of that, when a duplicate game is deleted, the SURVIVOR is marked dirty!!

    This means that duplicates are NEVER treated via the UPDATE mechanism!

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    I agree, the current API lacks some very important things. If we had the manpower or time we’d replace it with a much better RESTful api that returns JSON. Unfortunately we just don’t have the developers. This is the best we have for now. The site is maintained by a community of volunteers, and for the most part I front the running costs out of my own pocket just so that the developer community can have this resource. When I get chance I would love to release a new API. I’m sorry if the current implementation has caused you troubles.

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  • Hi Flexage, thanks for the response.

    So is it a technical decision to only allow 1000 results from the or is it a bug? I’ve seen the line of code but it would seem that having it accurately give the dirty list would save lots of bandwidth on theGamesDB end and is an easy fix (again, as long is it isn’t a technical decision).

    It would also seem that it would save lots of bandwidth to fix the delete -> mark to dirty issue since it prevents the need for full re-scrapes. But if the infrastructure isn’t there (maybe the dirty list is based on foreign keys and therefore removing the game from the game list also removes it from the dirty list?), I can see how it would take some development time but it seems very important.

    For the server costs, where is the donate button? :)
    For the manpower, if you have a design, I’ll gladly contribute to the github project. I just wouldn’t presume to work on it blindly and have you accept any of the work.

    Personally, I think it is very important to address these issues before moving on to an altogether new API, as it keeps this awesome resource top notch while you develop the new API, and then there will be no rush.

  • Any possible update?

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