F-Zero (SNES) link not working

  • I’m having trouble scraping from EmulationStation when trying to scrape F-Zero for Super Nintendo. There are two available but the first link (http://thegamesdb.net/game/26973) is not working so my scraper is telling me there’s nothing available. The second link on your website (http://thegamesdb.net/game/10779) works fine.

  • The first entry was deleted because it was a duplicate in the database. Just use the 2nd one, there should not be any problem with that. :sunglasses:

  • Hi,

    The problem is that some automatic scrappers (like the retropie one), doesn’t detect the second one, giving an error when the first one is not working…


  • Hmmm strange. Maybe the title is still in the cache and won’t get deleted like others. Guess the devs have to check on that.

  • I’m seeing the same issue. Any chance that first entry could just be purged from the database? or perhaps the search title renamed so it doesn’t show up under the “f zero” search so the scrappers can find the second real entry?


  • moderators

    You can override the search result by choosing INPUT and simply hitting SEARCH again.
    Failing that, current RetroPie includes an id:number search.

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