Api key needed! - Android Showcase App! (kinda urgent!)

  • Hey guys,

    I’m and Android Developer (and passionated gamer) who’s looking for a cool (Games) API for a ShowCase App.
    Your API seems to be perfect for that! :D It’ll be an open source nonprofit portfolio app.
    I already have such an app, but can’t make it open source. (it’s kayak.com's API for flights…<_< )

    Long Story short:
    I want to use your new API (mainly because I hate XML and love JSON, otherwise I could use v1 of your API) ,
    to build a cool Android app… (which base I already have… so it’ll only take days… and I would let you know).

    Win/Win in my opinion! :)
    For more infos about what I do see thkru.com

    HF :)

  • administrators

    Hi @thkru, welcome to the community.

    Your project sound cool, I hope it goes well.

    I understand that your preference would be for a json api, to be honest I think a lot of us would prefer a fully restful api that returns json.

    Unfortunately, due to lack of manpower and time, we haven’t been able to develop our new api yet.

    If we had it, everyone would be free to use it, until then I’m afraid the only way is the XML api.

    Best of luck ;)

    Lead Developer for TheGamesDB.net


  • Ah… okay… what a pity ^^
    But okay… I’ll start today with the “old” API … :)
    I will keep u up2date with the project.

    HF :)

  • @flexage These days I’ve have been looking for some project to work and I would like to try to work in project that would help people. So I found this post and I was thinking if I could give it a try. I never implemented an API before, but I like to learn :)

    Best Regards,

  • @thkru

    Well, if I may add something. and I think that TGDB wouldn’t contradict me on this, you could create a wrapper of the current API on one of your servers and transform the XML into Json results and provide us with a link to your project API.

    What do you all think ?



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  • @Lynk5 I think that would be useful, but it would be one more layer. So, I will wait for an answer, if not I will work with your idea and I hope soon give you a new API :)

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