Character (cast) lists.

  • I’d love to see this site implement a list of characters that appear in the game similar to how a movie would have a cast list. You could also associate voice actors to the characters if you choose, but mainly I’d like to be able to search by a character and get an idea of what games they’ve been in.

    Has there been any discussion to this effect? I know this is quite a big undertaking but it’d be a great addition to the site.

    P.S. It also might be a good idea to add serial numbers to these games that way scrapers have something more definitive to go by when file names might by a bit screwy. It will also help in identifying region and things of that nature.

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    Hi @IAmBillN

    Welcome to the forums, we have recently been asked about barcodes/serial numbers, and it is possible that we may consider adding this in the future.

    In the past, we have also considered adding voice actors to the database: in fact it was scheduled to be developed in one of the next site updates, however we have been short of both developers and development time in which to make it happen recently.

    Once we have more manpower, this is something that would be good to add to the site.

    If we ever add voice actors, then adding characters along with them would be a great idea: providing we can find some more help with development, I’ll bring this up for discussion with the prospect of getting this added ;)

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  • I do not know if it is also on the schedule, but do you plan to add games reviews written by the member of community in the future ?

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