Very slow server, what can be done about it?

  • Trying to add games or browse the database can be very very slow sometimes.

    My questions are, are you running on your own hardware or hosted?
    Is it a bandwidth issue?
    Can we donate (money or equipment) to help fix any of this?


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    We are running on some fairly old hardware that I own. I host it myself out of the datacenter that I work for because it’s cheaper than paying for the bandwidth from another host. Any donations of any type are always appreciated :)

  • Why don’t you post a donation link somewhere?

    Also, what are the specs of the current server?


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    The current server is an HP ProLiant DL360 G5. We used to have a donation link up, but it took up a lot of space and we only had a couple of donations, so we took it down.

  • @smidley said:

    HP ProLiant DL360 G5

    What cpu’s are you running? (And what sku is the g5?)

    And do you need more ram?

    There are two separate motherboards that were being shipped with the DL360 G5. The first version of the motherboard only supported 50xx and 51xx dual core Xeon processors. This version shipped with the earlier products.

    The second version supported 54xx quad core Xeon processors.

    Part Numbers:

    412199-001 – Only supports 50xx and 51xx Dual-Core

    436066-001 – Supports up to 54xx Quad Core Processors.

    435949-001 – (Not Confirmed) Supports up to 54xx Quad Core Processors. (Updated March 22nd, 2011)

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    Running dual X5450 CPU’s. RAM is 16GB, but I’m not sure what the maximum is. The storage is a fiber channel Promise array.

  • And where do you think your bottle neck is hitting you? CPU/MEM/or Disk IO?

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    I would say all of the above lol.

  • Well, shoot me a snail mail address and I’ll send you 32gb of ram for it.
    (4gb X 8) You have 8 Dimm Slots.

    You also might want to think local storage instead of san for speed, because I’m guessing you are using a single 1gb iscsi link back to the san.
    What kind of raid card was installed in the server would determine what you could do there, but there are tons of hp 300GB 10k sas drives on ebay right now for around $35.00 each.

    Cpu’s are pretty maxed out for that old of a server.

    Or just chuck the whole thing and grab a new used server based on a 5600 cpu series.
    Looking at ebay they start around $200 or so.


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