Final Year Project Android Application

  • Hi, I’m building an application for my final year project. My application is used for life logging where you can log your favourite games, books, movies and moments in your life. My API is communicating with a number of external api’s to retrieve information for my Android front end.

    My application seems to receiving a forbidden 403 status code whenever I try to contact your API.
    Does my application need to be granted access?

    Thanks guys!

  • I haven’t had any issues making requests to the API. What URL are you making a call to exactly?

  • Here is the first snippet of code that I tried using:

    WebResource webResource = client.resource("“);
    ClientResponse clientResponse = webResource.get(ClientResponse.class);
    if (clientResponse.getStatus() == 200) {
    System.out.println(“SUCCESS from external api”);
    return Response.status(200).build();
    System.out.println(clientResponse.getStatus()+” from server");
    return Response.status(404).build();

    I also tried using HttpConnection and receieved 403 forbidden also.

    Any ideas?

  • What happens when you put the URL into a browser? Your link worked fine for me. It’s probably your java network code

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