Certain search terms

  • I’m having trouble with certain search terms. The API on GetGame.php’s name parameter says it only allows alpha characters. If I want to do a search for a game like “X-men” how do I handle that? There are several games that have hyphens in them. I can search for them on thegamesdb.net's page, but I don’t get any results via the db API. Help? :)


  • Use getgamelist and use the best result.

  • Hi, I know (and received a warning from the site) that this a quite old topic, but maybe you guys can help me.

    I was trying to find the game Alundra using the GetGamesList, but without success.

    This is the request that returned no results:

    But this using GetGame returns:

    Do you guys think this could be a bug?

    Can you shed some light over this issue?

    Thanks in advance! ;)

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